Video Playlists

From the serious Let's Talk series to the Original Songs and the Video Game Let's Plays. Here you can find a place to start and just let autoplay through. This is a great page to start for mass consumption of videos. Release your couch potato, and pass the chips!


Let's Talk:

The playlist that is an open discussion on the hard hitting topics. No holds barred, I want to know what you think about how creepy people act at conventions and why, how we can be more compassionate and supportive with the LGBTQIA+ community, why anime is considered children's tv when most of it is NOT kid friendly, and how can we be more aware of how our actions affect others.

Original Songs

These are songs that I wrote and performed, including The Internet Troll song that blew up on my old channel. Also included is bloopers from when my cat refuses to let me record in one take.



Collabs on other's channels

This is a playlist of all the times my face and voice was used in collaboration with other creative people elsewhere on YouTube. This is where I've created characters such as Misty the brace faced nerd girl, the pretty girl who probably won't survive in a zombie apocalypse, and a Cruella DeVille type character as a PR woman for a major company.


Video Game Let's Play Mother 1

The first in a series of games by Shigesato Itoi developed by Ape Inc. EarthBound Beginnings tells the story of Ninten, a 12-year-old boy from Podunk, who journeys around America using his psychic powers to collect eight melodies in order to save the planet from an evil race of mind-controlling aliens. Along the way he is joined by four friends. They meet many unusual characters and visit strange settings before ultimately confronting the leader of the aliens, Giagas.

Video Game Let's Play: EarthBound / Mother2

EarthBound, known as Mother 2 in Japan, is a 1994 Japanese RPG co-developed by Ape Inc. and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the SNES. As Ness and his party of four, the player travels the world to collect melodies en route to defeating the evil alien force Giygas. It is the second game of the Mother series